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These are parents, who work behind the scenes to ensure their club runs smoothly, day by day, month by month.So do not just drop them off and go, come and help your club, once a week, once a fortnight, or what ever.

As a volunteer your contribution to our sport is vital to usall. As a result your County and club makes every effort possible to assist you to assist us without giving more than your time to ensure our future success.

I might be interested ..

  • Your club can offer you the chance to shadow someone who is already doing the job,to let you get a feel for it.

What sort of training do we offer?

  • Formal training - your club provides two types of training opportunities:
    • Teaching/Coaching - leading to ASA qualifications for Club Helper, Assistant Teacher, Teacher.
      • If you want to go further we can offer opportunities to do your coaches qualification.
      • We can also help you to attend workshops and seminars on a wide variety of swimming related topics.
    • Officiating - the club offers ASA qualifications for timekeepers, judges, referees and starters.
  • Informal training - we can let you work alongside an experienced teacher or coach to gain experience before you go on to the next level of qualification.
  • Can I afford it? Volunteering need cost you nothing but your time - this is especially true of the committee posts. If you want to take any teaching/coaching or officials exams the club will re-imburse you for the costs sub ject to conditions.
  • What sort of support can I expect?
    • Club helpers will always work under the supervision of a teacher. Our club coach will supervise assistant teachers.
    • Officials can gain practical experience by working alongside a qualified official until ready to take the practical exam.
  • All volunteer s should pay the relevant ASA membership fee which means you are covered by the Club's Insurance.
  • All volunteers will be checked with the Criminal Records Bureau and offered child protection training.

Last updated - 17 Jan 2018
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